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jamoche ([personal profile] jamoche) wrote2011-07-26 07:31 pm

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Google+ says their reason for wanting "real names" is so people can find you. Now, that might make some sense if they were dropping this project into a vacuum, but anyone who needs a search engine to find me isn't someone I want to socialize with.

(Yes, that means you, if you've ever retweeted Glenn Beck. Yes, especially if we're related.)
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[personal profile] tiferet 2011-07-27 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
"as you know bob" I hide from my family online too, though it's not so much conservatism I'm hiding from as the latest story about what my crackhead brother has done or the need to pat my cousin on the head and tell him that girls will date him even if he's fat, he just needs to talk about interesting stuff :)