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How Babylon 5 season 5 is like an RPG gone bad.

Finished rewatching Babylon 5. To be technically accurate, this is the first time I've seen *all* of Season 5. I went into it this time thinking I'd been too hard on it the first time through.


So, imagine it as an RPG, with the OOC discussions by the players:

@triluminous: We'd been playing this game - really epic, awesome worldbuilding, lots of intrigue and plotting, with every PC getting a chance to shine - and when we wrapped it up a few months before the next game was ready, we all agreed it would be cool to extend it a bit. What could go wrong?

Big mistake.

@starkiller: First problem - the GM brings in a new player to play the new station commander, and she starts pinging all my bad_rpers_suck flags. Mysterious past - check. Troubled childhood - check. History with my character - yes, I did tell the GM it would be OK so she wouldn't be starting out with no connections at all, but I was *not* expecting an ex-wife. Even worse, this is apparently a secret from everyone - including Delenn, the one person I would've discussed all this with before accepting her for the job, and did I mention she's also my *current* wife? Oops!

@duck_amuck: Right, and that mysterious past? I'm thinking great! We had this big mindfuckery plot where everyone thought I'd willingly betrayed Sheridan; tracking down a possible threat sounded like a good storyline for getting back in his good graces. But the secret turns out to be something he already knew - that he'd hired her *because* she'd been on the other side in the civil war - and also that he'd done it as a peace offering *to* the other side. So why the secret? Not to mention she keep complaining - IC *and* OOC - that I'm "too paranoid". Well, duh! Did she even read my character sheet?

@gripping_hand: I wasn't surprised we had a past together. What can I say? So many people do. But when she's acting friendly - genuinely friendly, mind you; I can always tell - towards me in our first RP? As if I would ever be friends with a mundane. Well, I'm wiling to play it out, see what happens, but then Garibaldi shows up. I'm all ready to get on with the revenge arc - looking forward to throwing the twist at him that we worked out OOC - when she gets between us and tosses him in the brig. Well, I can't really argue - ICA == ICC and all that - but thanks for derailing our plot there.

@shadow_nemesis: All right, part of this is my fault. I brought in a friend of mine to play the head of the telepath rebellion, and he wasn't all that great a RPer. We set him up with a pretty powerful yet subtle character and a bunch of NPCs to back him up - not to mention me - and what does he do but basically run around going "I know all your secrets, neener neener, now give me what I want". But he's cool, we play out the consequences, and then I make my big mistake - we ran a bit of ERP on the side. Next thing I know the GM is saying that's the transformative moment for my character. Hello? Kicked Shadow *and* Vorlon asses?

@duck_amuck: So we finally get the revenge plot back on track, I discover I'm being fucked over *again*, and then RW stuff comes up and I have to drop out a bit. No prob, I just arrange that my character's going to go on a bender while I'm gone - given the circumstances, totally believable. The GM says he'll run anything that needs to happen, then I can come back to a bunch of worried friends and pick up from there. Was *totally* not expecting my character getting drunk on duty and missing a very important message - really? Did we not have a *giant war room* in the previous game? And then, would you believe, little miss perfect starts lecturing me on how *she's* an alcoholic too. Of *course* she is.