August 16th, 2017
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Bluebell wood

Wildcat among the bluebells

Chapter 1. 

It was time to get back. I stopped to look once more at the view before starting to make my way down the track and into the beech wood again. The sun was still high in the sky, and shone through the bright new leaves, their brilliant green competing with the glow of the bluebells on the floor of the wood. The warmth of the afternoon had brought out their intoxicating scent.

There was no-one about – at least not now. I thought I had heard an odd cry earlier; it might have been a bird, or just someone fooling around, but whatever was, nobody had appeared.

As I approached the gate at the edge of the wood, and just where another path joined mine, I heard running feet and turned to see two boys heading towards me, their arms flailing, their mouths agape. I stopped as they came to a skidding halt in front of me, both gabbling frantically.

“Whoa, one at a time, kids. What’s wrong?”

“There’s a man!”

“He’s bleeding!”

“He’s hurt bad – he can’t talk – he won’t wake up!”

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Wow ... Look at the gams on that doll!
August 15th, 2017
This story isn't great, but I think it may one day work as part of something longer (but don't hold me to that).

Click the pic to go to AO3

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It's time for another question thread!

The rules:

- You may ask any dev-related question you have in a comment. (It doesn't even need to be about Dreamwidth, although if it involves a language/library/framework/database Dreamwidth doesn't use, you will probably get answers pointing that out and suggesting a better place to ask.)
- You may also answer any question, using the guidelines given in To Answer, Or Not To Answer and in this comment thread.
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The return of PicFic!

Click on the Pic to take you to the story:

A brief reference is made to my story "Saturday Night"

Please comment here as well as the hosting site, it's appreciated!

dreamwriteremmy: a trail of lights on a dark landscape with hills at the horizon and the words: "myriad worlds" (myriad worlds)

Every Tuesday a photo prompt will be posted and you have until the following Tuesday to post your gen Man from UNCLE story. For those of you new to the challenge the rules are as follows:

Your story is Due: Tuesday August 22nd Please post on this date, but it you’re a little late, that's okay. Better late than never!

Statistical stuff: Minimum 500 words, no maximum.

Subject Matter: Write a MFU story based on the photo prompt.

Posting here should fit into the GENeral concepts of the section7mfu community, contain nothing explicit
and reflects the 1960's series in style and content, featuring our brave men from U.N.C.L.E.

However, that being said, there is a GEN-mature tag option for stories that contain violence, torture,
angst or very mild het. So if your story falls under one of these categories, please use the appropriate tag(s).

Your fic. can be specifically about the prompt, featured or just mentioned in your story.

The prompt is meant to inspire!

Where to post:

Gen stories, gen-mature post in section7mfu,

Het, long term romance & AU post on our other site mfu_map_room.

All other genres post in uncle_du_jour

Subject Header: Please include in the Subject Header your title, the phrase:'For Picfic Tuesday' and the due date.

When to post:

PicFic stories post on the following Tuesday after the prompt is given. So you have a week to write your fanfic. We try to keep the postings on Tuesday so readers will know when to look for them.

You can also post a story for any previous PicFic prompt that you might have missed. Just use the tag 'picfic' to locate any older prompts. Please note the date of the original prompt.

( FYI: previously prompts were posted on Monday, they'll now post on Tuesday of each week)

Please include the photo prompt with your story!

Here's next week's prompt! Let your imagination run with the MFU!


August 14th, 2017

Prompts - Routine/Green
Word Count - 409

Click the pic to go to AO3

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Prompts: formal, green
Word count: 298


"Is that what you're wearing?"  Napoleon was taken aback at the decidedly informal attire his new partner had chosen to wear.  The occasion was black tie and Illya had on his trademark black trousers and a green turtleneck.

"This is a formal occasion comrade, and you're wearing Soviet green.  I don't think that's going to do, not at all."  

The blond looked sheepish as he caught his image in the mirror that Napoleon kept on the inside of a door in his office.  It was open now as Napoleon groomed for the evening's event.  They were covering a soiree at the Plaza in honor of some visiting dignitaries.  UNCLE had been requested as additional security in light of some threats against one of those being honored.

"And what would you have me wear?  I did not come to this country with a wardrobe worthy of such grandiose events.  I assumed I would remain in the background."  Napoleon shook his head.

"You'd be so far in the background you'd miss the entire evening.  No, you need a tux.  Follow me."  And so the two men went shopping in the UNCLE wardrobe department.  When finally the Russian emerged, he was decked out in a perfectly fitted tuxedo replete with a ruffled shirt.  It suited him, and when a few of the women on the floor caught sight of him a collective sigh went up at the sight of such a romantic image.

Napoleon nodded his approval and thanked Gretchen, the wardrobe mistress.  UNCLE was not unlike a theater troupe, complete with props and costumes for every imaginable production.

Illya was pleased, although he was reticent about expressing how good it felt to be dressed in the ultimate in men's formal clothing.  Lucky for him it was his favorite color: black.

Short Affair 8/14
Prompt: Formal
Color: Green

Title: Stakeout
Author: Rose of Pollux
Word Count: ~820

Summary: Takes place during the second year of the partnership. In which the "Ice Prince" discovers that he is not immune from loneliness. Thankfully, Napoleon is here to help.

Gen version is available at my DreamWidth

Challenge: The Short Affair

-Prompt Word 2 – Formal

-Prompt Colour – Green

Author: mrua7

Title: We all eventually die

Word count: Approximately  725

Click on the Pic to take you to the story:


Illya sat beside his partner, watching as he drove. Silent, and white-faced. This was not like his partner at all. Finally, two hours into the journey, he spoke up.

           “Napoleon...this is worrying me. Will you please talk to me?”

Napoleon let out his breath as though he had been holding it, and belatedly nodded. He pulled swiftly into a lay-by and turned off the engine. For several minutes he sat, staring ahead, before turning slightly in his seat. Illya saw his face was white and drawn.

           “Illya…” he said, half reluctantly, his voice cracking. “I’ve lost Millie. My Millie is dead!”


“Short Affair” Challenge. August 14 2017. (Routine, green)

You want what?

His partner hadn’t been gone long, but he was already feeling uneasy. It was a simple affair, really. The trouble was, the volume wasn’t kept on the open shelves of a library for the simple reason that it would be in tatters within hours. It would have to be obtained by special request, to be retrieved by some specially trusted minion with a key, from a locked store in the basement containing unsavoury, fragile, or otherwise embargoed books. Mind, it wasn’t a book many people were likely to actually ask for, unless they were peculiarly uncaring about being overheard. That was why the microdot had been put there in the first place, so it should be safe enough and easy to find.

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It's Monday again already; time for the Short Affair. You know what to do but, if you don't, you'll find the rules and the prompts down below the cut for stories due on August 21st.

To join in with today's postings just follow this link for the prompts you need.

Remember, Section VII is a Gen site, but stories which are Het, Long-term Romance or AU can be posted in mfu_map_room.

Posting directly to Section VII is still fine but, if you wish, you can post your story elsewhere and provide a link. Please say where the link leads as a lot of people are unwilling to go to certain sites. Don't forget, Section VII and the Map Room are both available on Dreamwidth, for those of you who can figure it out (Just let us know if you posted there).

Have fun.

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I like the idea of a Raymond Chandler mystery story set in Agatha's world, although this P.I. -- excuse me, P.J. -- might turn out to be a slightly less conventional hero than Philip Marlowe was.


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