July 29th, 2017
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Back in Act I, much was made of the fact that Agatha apparently had succeeded in creating clanks with the power of the Spark -- i.e., independent creativity of near-supernatural caliber. But so far the Professors haven't done anything with her capability in the story.

During the two-and-a-half years of the time skip, the Other was actively fighting the Wulfenbach forces. But oddly enough, the Other's designs seemed to be variations on existing plans; they didn't seem to be particularly creative.

According to van Rijn's notebook, he was repeatedly visited by "The Muse of Time" ... a humanoid clank that never had the same appearance twice.

So ... Suppose Zola doesn't have the Spark, and Lunevka doesn't have the Spark, either. (Lunevka did modify Zola's hospital equipment, but she might simply have tweaked an existing design.) Back at Castle Sturmvoraus, the Lucrezias had mentioned a plan over the bodies of other women with the Summoning Engine, but doesn't seem to have happened. Either it didn't work, or else they didn't find host subjects who had the Spark. If the Other can't inhabit a brain that has the Spark, any victory she could score would be a hollow one.

Here's my guess: At some point in the future, Lucrezia-in-Agatha will take over Agatha's body again. (C'mon, you know it has to happen!) The various forms of The Muse of Time will turn out to be unsuccessful attempts by Lucrezia-in-Agatha to build a clank body that incorporates the Spark. Eventually L-in-A will succeed, and that clank will be the one we've called Enigma.

Opinions? Counter-arguments?
July 28th, 2017
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We have achieved another Friday - huzzah! That means a weekend with OMG SO MANY THINGS TO DO lots of time to play with prompts! (Right? Right!)

If you have ideas you'd like ot share or don't think you'll get to, leave them as comments to this post. If you're looking for ideas to work on, peruse the comments here, and hopefully something will make your muse sit up and take notice. With luck, there'll be a pretty new fanwork for us all to enjoy!

Prompts should have a few standard pieces of information: Character(s)/pairing, universe, prompt.
For example: Chris (& any), OW, I kinda give a damn, I kinda don't care.

If none of the prompts here today do it for your muse, there are lots of other prompts at our Del.icio.us archive. Take a gander there, too. :-)

Prompt away!


  • Chris (& any), OW, I kinda give a damn, I kinda don't care.
  • All 7, any, week at the beach with family
  • Any and/or all, any, black sheep cousin visits
  • Any and/or any, any, family stories of past adventures.
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Speaking as someone with a shorter than average "where are they concealing the information I want" fuse, Donald Moffitt's site is reasonably well designed. Unfortunately, one piece of information it shares is that Moffitt died in 2014, which I did not know.
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No, this isn't really the opposite of my earlier focus on not leaning heavily on a script. Consider this the balance to that.

Recently, while out for a walk, someone noted that they'd seen me on several walks prior. (I play Pokemon Go and I tell myself that the reason is that it gets me out walking.) Said someone then asked me if I was okay. That was... a strange thing to ask. It didn't seem to be based on anything. Potentially, he might have thought I was in financial difficulty and in need of a job? (Something I'd give serious consideration.)
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One of KM Weiland's pieces of advice in Outlining Your Novel (though this is actually in chapter "Before You Begin Your Outline") is:

"If you could have a professional reviewer read your idealized concept of your finished book and totally get it—completely understand everything you're trying to say with your characters, plot, dialogue, and themes—what would he write about your story?"

And then you, being specific, thorough, and extravagant, are that reviewer.

OKAY THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN wait how do I do that
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Via Sneaky Gate: www.girlgeniusonline.com/ggmain/strips/ggmain20170728.jpg

Official: http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20170728

A friendly warning ...

(I've forgotten: Did we ever learn what Larana and Aldin were searching for, and found, in the catacombs?)
July 27th, 2017
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The characters I liked best? The bad guys. They were hard-working citizens who got screwed out of jobs that were legally contracted as theirs. So they decided to do something else, by selling alien equipment.

Context contains spoilers for a movie currently in theatres.
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So put your armor on the ground tonight
'Cause everyone's got to come down sometime

You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to hold the world in your hands
You've already shown me that you can
Don't have to be Superman
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Over the last decade, Orbit US, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, has quickly established itself as one of the premiere publishers of science fiction and fantasy, and a reliable source for everything from innovative works of science fiction to blockbuster epic fantasies. To celebrate the milestone, a selection of landmark Orbit titles is currently available on Nook for just $2.99 each, but we wanted to do more than point you toward some great titles, so we asked Orbit’s publisher, Tim Holman, to share a bit of history. Below his comments, you’ll find a timeline of key dates in Orbit’s history.

More here
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July 26th, 2017
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Firstly, it takes very little discussion of regulations for my eyes to glaze over. Secondly, and far less constructively, if someone proposes a system that relies on genres like science fiction and fantasy being distinct rather than overlapping sets, I will start thinking about the worthy works that live in the overlap.
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