May 29th, 2017
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Chapter 2 of Part 2 is a short one. We can get through it in one post. It starts out with Winston following his new lady-friend's instructions to the T. The narrator (which I take to be Winston referring to himself in third person) even points out that Winston would be more nervous if it weren't so obvious that she was so much more experienced than he.


There are some parallels between Winston and myself that I just hate. Then there are the ones I don't know what to feel about.

Winston and the woman stop at a grassy knoll ("No, it isn't dead, it's a Gazebo.") surrounded by tall saplings. Those saplings are important. Anywhere else, there could be microphones. They're not likely, but they're possible. Here, the woman knows that there isn't anything big enough to hide a microphone. So, by process of elimination, we have a safe spot.

And, here, we get the meat of the fantasy that this woman could represent.
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May 28th, 2017
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But if he notices Ibid is sleeping with his tongue out, he tries to tuck it in.
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A gaggle of adorable little girls spontaneously charging towards the edge of the stage to divide people into those who freeze in a crisis and those who don't.
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History question: does anyone remember the dates of the 1979 King Tut exhibit in Toronto? Aside from the year?
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Last week we had a rousing conversation concerning Illya and his women, and his attitude towards them.  Out of that came a comment from vmccooley that had a promise of more comments as we explore what each of us perceives as the depth of the relationship between Solo and Kuryakin.
For the sake of a free exchange, I think we must make this forum truly open; that is to say, whatever your viewpoint on this it is welcome as part of the conversation.  I realize the fans of MFU range from those who hold to the series' presentation of the men as purely professional tinged with a solid friendship, while others have taken it to a romantic relationship.  This is the day to tell us how you got there and why it holds your imagination and attention as a writer and/or reader.
So, what do you think? Just what are the depths of devotion between Napoleon and Illya?

Rachel Jurassic's Small Steps is a widely loved fic, which even those who have read it might enjoy rereading. For the others, it's a pre-partnership fic with a solid and excellent Napoleon pov.
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May 27th, 2017
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I'm a couple of days late with this, and I'm not sure I've really hit the prompt. However, I did promise I'd have something this time after I missed the last one.

Prompt - The discovery that Paul Westcott is an UNCLE agent and not a Thrush bigwig doesn’t improve Napoleon's opinion of him. “To put it bluntly, I wish you would stop acting obnoxious,” Napoleon tells him. Paul replies, “Stop? Well, Solo, I could no more stop breathing.” So the questions arise…What if Napoleon and Illya are assigned to work with Paul again? What is Paul like as an agent when he’s not undercover? Will Napoleon find him just as obnoxious? Will Paul still be as critical of their methods?

Click the Pic to go to AO3.

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