July 29th, 2017

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Tiny Tim Literary Review is inviting writers to submit prose and poetry for the second issue to be released in October 2017. The theme for this issue will explore health and disability through the perspective of nature. What is natural? What is unnatural? Why does this matter for stories that discuss health or disability? The tri-annual publication exists […]

Posted by Brian Scott

Barnes & Noble sponsors an annual writing competition called the Discover Great New Writers Award (est. 1990), which distributes cash prizes totaling $105,000 to six aspiring writers. Additionally, B&N heavily advertises, promotes and distributes the winning books in their stores and online, ensuring the success of the author. Each year the committee receives submissions from […]
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] opusculasedfera!
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So I spent a couple of days with cross_stitchery/borntoslash, in the grand tradition of things ever since it's been convenient to get to within cooee of each other.

We went shopping, and there are some very nice shops in her area and I might have been a little rash under the influence of the vaycay spirit. At any rate I bought this, and as soon as Madam the Eldest sees it she's going to zoom in with a gimlet gaze and ask pointed questions about how much it cost. Um, well you guys will know, anyway. Just a little rash. Just a tiny bit.... I will be wearing it in a less busy manner than the model, too, as befits a woman of a certain age in a lovely 'statement' piece, etc etc. I also bought some ankle boots, but I actually could justify those.

There was also a delicious roast meal, tailored to my dietary requirements, walks with the adorable dog, new tv I hadn't seen before, and a Sentinel rewatch, because Jim and Blair is how we met after all. We sat down and watched Night Watch, SenToo 1 and 2, and Murder 101 and had a lovely time. I'd also watched Warriors earlier in the week at home, and I was struck by the fact that after the badinage about Blair using the PD for his mail address, Jim opens Blair's mail without a second thought. Production-wise, it ensures that Jim gets the important mail to forward the plot, but in-show? Just why does Jim open Blair's mail? Because despite the badinage he knows that Blair isn't actually that stupid about passing out the address? As an alpha-male(mail) display of PD territoriality? Because he wants to know who's writing to his adored guppy? Yeah.
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Got into another mini-spaaaaace phase, so I watched:
  • Apollo 13, which was a rewatch, though this film is still remarkably well put-together as a whole;

  • all the specials on the Apollo 13 Blu-Ray, which was great because although I missed the excitement of the space race, that's okay because I'm the ISS GENERATION YAAASSSS;

  • The Right Stuff, for the first time!

  • Approaching the Unknown, also first time, but that's less notable, really.

About The Right Stuff, I knew of the film only a wee tiny bit via general pop culture (mainly the slow-mo walking thing) plus my father had it on VHS once upon a time, but I never felt the inclination to watch it I think because I'd correctly osmosised it to be very testosterone-driven and incorrectly osmosised it to be about fighter pilots. How? Who knows.

Anyway, I finally watched it and a whole bunch of pop culture references I've heard now make sense (I assume this is how some people feel when they watch The Princess Bride or Clueless for the first time), plus OHHHHH okay so now I get why Dennis Quaid, Sam Shepard, Ed Harris and Scott Glenn were Big Deals back then. Gotcha. I'm not a fan of the whole posturing hot-shot pilots thing so the first hour or so was mostly viewing the film through a lens, but once the astronaut training kicks in and the ensemble interactions got better, so did my enjoyment and immersion.

There was also the double fun for me of watching the film after having seen Hidden Figures and reading Deborah Cadbury's Space Race, and seeing some historical quotes from the latter used as full-on lines in the film. I may pick up the book that was used as the reference for The Right Stuff, we'll see.

Still on a space kick, I went browsing around for other things to watch and found that Mark Strong is in a 2016 sci-fi film called Approaching the Unknown about a first manned mission to Mars, where Mark Strong is playing the astronaut on said solo (wtf) mission. There's baggage in watching this film for me, seeing as the (1) film came out less than a year after The Martian, which is one of my fav space films of all time now, which also features an astronaut struggling to keep it together while alone for an extended period of time, (2) Mark Strong played the captain that goes crazy in Sunshine so let's just say I was already expecting his character to go crazy in this one from the first frame.

Overall it was so-so, Mark Strong was giving it his all but it became less about space and more about forced navel-gazing in extreme solitude which I'm not really in the mood for, plus I got really confused with the last quarter so... alrighty.

Next up, I think I'm gonna check out From the Earth to the Moon, which is a miniseries, so at least that'll take a while for me to get through.
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Weary. Still, had a good job interview and a tasty, tasty Ghirardelli sundae, so there's that.
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On April 26 the Cassini spacecraft swooped toward Saturn on On April 26 the Cassini spacecraft swooped toward Saturn on

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And she runs great. Not sure if her fan has turned anemic or if it's just from being in spouse's newer car. >_>

Please good thoughts for friends who need 'em.

Havva Quote
     The three figures jump, startled, and turn to Amelie. Their helmets are dark, but whether it's deliberate or not is difficult to tell; they can still communicate over short-range communications, though. "What are you DOING here?" one snaps. Another hits the first in the shoulder. "This is YOUR FAULT!" The third steps back. "Whatever it is, it's not MY fault!"
     Amelie grins. "It's certainly the fault of /somebody/ here. Whichever of you it was that tipped me off -- it's so hard to tell you apart in those helmets -- surrender now, so that the security team that's on its way doesn't shoot you with your 'friends.'"
     "Tipped you OFF?" the first one fairly shrieks. The second is almost certainly looking daggers at the first: "What did you DO, Tug?" The third looks between the other two. "Tug, did you sell us out?"
<<OOC>> Lirian says, "Also, Amelie is a meaniehead. :)"
<<OOC>> Amelie says, "Just because she specializes in resolving conflicts doesn't mean she can't worsen them a bit as well."
     Amelie tries not to sound smug as she continues, "Better figure it out fast. Clock is ticking, and I don't think Security will be asking too many questions before they start firing." She gestures with her free hand. "And I wouldn't like to see our ally injured."
<<OOC>> Amelie lies like a rug.
--Star Trek game. They let the diplomat talk.

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You have tomorrow and Sunday left to sign up for Remix Revival 2017! Signups will close at 11:59 PM Eastern time on Sunday night. Get your signup in now! :D
a photo of 4 tiger cubs being weighed - cover for a story about a cub being rejected and getting a new mother

Zoya the new tiger cub has had an intense couple of weeks. She is the new born female Amur tiger cub that was sadly the only survivor of her litter of five. 2 of her siblings were still borns, one passed due to complications and one sadly suffered injuries sustained but its mother. On top of all this, the miracle cub was also sadly rejected by her mother - ten year old Koosaka- a behavior said to be typically normal from first-time tiger mothers. 

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Patterns I have bought:

- McCall's M4745 - Civil War Coat and Trousers. I just want a baseline pattern for a military-style coat/jacket for cosplay/shenanigans. (I can already tell that my ambitions mean I will have to figure out how to make alterations. Don't worry, I will start out with straight seam practice and cat bed cushions.)

- Simplicity Pattern 1318 - Misses Kimono Jackets. In all fairness, I could use John Marshall's Make Your Own Japanese Clothes instead; I once used it years back to make a cosplay kimono (badly hand-sewn because I didn't own a machine). But I like the views and I also need to learn to work from a pattern sooner rather than later, and it might as well be an easier pattern to make something fun.

- Butterick 6400 - Misses' Boned, Back-Pleat Jackets. Again, I really like a couple of the views and think this would be fun to modify BECAUSE I'M CRAZY. But, I mean, what is the point of making a pattern EXACTLY AS IT IS? For me the whole point of this learning to sew business is so I can CUSTOMIZE. If I wanted something exactly as someone else designed it, I'd go to off-the-rack.

It's too bad visiting my mom is so expensive. We could talk shop! My mom loves to talk about crafts ANYTHING.

But in the meantime: iron, notions, fabric, thread, STRAIGHT SEAM PILLOWS.
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I'm having no luck with Google searches on this (my Google technique is usual pretty good), and though I have found some decent diagrams of traditional Chinese homes, they don't go into this level of detail.

When a visitor arrived at a non-lordly Chinese home (say, a lesser merchant's home) in the "classic" Imperial period that is popular for costume dramas, how would he announce his presence? Would he ring a bell, knock on the door, or what?

I'm guessing that a well-off home would have a doorman of some sort, who would announce a guest, but what about a house that had no servants, or only a scullery maid or something?

Thanks in advance for any input you might have.

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Joe and I continue Bad Anime Date Night, which in this case might more accurately be termed Frustrating Anime Date Night. Tales of Zestiria the X is an anime/JRPG that has some compelling elements that, in the anime version through episode 11, are largely squandered. I wanted to unpick why.

NOTE: There will be spoilers through episode 11, but not further. Please don't spoil me for the rest of the anime. I haven't played the game (although it's unlikely I will).

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I finally put up the mixed-stone-fruit jam. It's about half sour cherries, with the rest being shiro plums, donut peaches, and nectarines, with a bit of lemon juice. I had enough left to put up about 3/4 cup in the fridge, so I'll try it tomorrow on waffles or something. I expect it will be nicely tart.

Oh, and yes, today is the 10th of Thermidor -- on this day in 1794, the Reign of Terror ended with the execution of Robespierre.
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I'm so far behind everyone else in starting this, that I shall do it in one post. I'll try and put notes with each song, and feel free to ask me about any of the songs.
With one exception, all the lyrics are in Welsh, and I've tried to find videos with the English translations to help you.

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